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A Committed Animal Attack Attorney Phoenix

Aug 15

Most of us live around people who own exotic animals, such as lions, dogs, and monkeys. These animals might be domesticated, but the owners are liable for any harm caused when they attack someone else in Phoenix, AZ.

If you have been attacked by an animal belonging to your neighbor or any other party, you might be entitled to maximum compensation. However, these claims are not the easiest to make, so you need professional legal representation.

Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys Phoenix, AZ has years of experience in handling animal attack cases. Therefore, our animal attack attorney in Phoenix can ensure you have solid grounds to make your claim and to get you the compensation you’re owed. The following are things we’ll get you compensated for:

Medical Bills

Medical bills are the most common expenses resulting from animal attacks. They include hospital services, treatments, medications, and physical therapy bills. We also ensure that the compensation caters to future medical expenses.

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain is just one of the things you suffer from an animal attack. Emotional distress might result from physical pain and medical procedures. Besides, it can come from the trauma of the attack itself.

Our injury attorney in Phoenix assesses the extent of your pain and suffering and values it on your behalf. For instance, we ensure you’re compensated if you experience debilitating fear of the animals, which might prevent you from going outside, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

Lost Income

That means a loss of wages and income. A personal injury lawyer in Phoenix ensures you’re reimbursed for lost income.

Loss of Consortium

If the injury impairs your ability to continue working, we ensure you get the highest possible compensation. Animal Attack Attorney Phoenix might affect the relationship with your spouse. This entitles you to compensation for loss of consortium, which covers loss o intimacy or companionship. We might also get compensation if the injury impacts your relationship with your child.

Our injury law firm in Phoenix is here to help you maneuver the legal process and obtain maximum compensation for damages. You can call us to reserve an appointment.

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